Book: Maternal Personality, Evolution and the Sex Ratio

This is a book that describes many of the puzzles concerning the sex ratio.

It is a scientific book, but it is written in clear language so people can understand it.

It gives the known facts about the sex ratio AND it describes the theory in detail. People who read this book are often able to predict with considerable accuracy what sex infant a particular woman is likely to conceive. They also come to understand why their own, and their friends’ families, are structured as they are.

An excerpt from the back cover...

“Valerie Grant examines evidence about maternal personality gathered from human and animal studies, to show that female testosterone levels could play an important role in conceiving male offspring. She explains how these findings are compatible with contemporary research in reproductive physiology, animal behaviour, evolutionary biology and developmental psychology.”

“Whether mothers have sons or daughters may not be a matter of chance. It may depend on which sex of infant the mother is more suited to raise.”

Maternal Personality, Evolution and the Sex Ratio: Do Mothers Control the Sex of the Infant?

Routledge: London and New York, 1998

Valerie J. Grant Ph D

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